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Cranial or Cranio-Sacral Technique, is an osteopathic technique discipline. It is learnt with considerable post-graduate study and examination.  Daraius Cooper is a Member of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy and he has regularly self-funded attendance on further education in this field since 1990. He uses this technique alone or together with other conventional osteopathic techniques.  

The name 'Cranio-Sacral Technique' originates from detailed observations of anatomy and physiology and the development of a theory which places emphasis upon the examination of the cranium and sacrum as key areas, and further applying this method by handling the whole body in respect of the diverse interconnectedness of body structure. As with all osteopathic techniques, it is both a method of collecting information as well as applying treatment. It is often associated with the treatment of new-borns, but is applied to any age group, often assisting more conventional techniques to become more effective.



A Gentle Technique

Daraius would be happy to answer any of your questions on how Cranial technique may help you.



Cranial Technique