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With 27 years of experience working with sports injuries, trapped nerves and all sorts of other musculoskeletal problems, Daraius Cooper, Osteopath, is here to help. We offer sports injury pain relief through alternative, holistic methods.

For sports osteopathy services, call today on 07941 105 811 or 020 8845 7322

We will work with you to improve the mechanical function of your body, in turn giving you the best chance to get sports injury pain relief. We’ll help you recover from a range of systems and manipulate your body and nerves to ensure maximum healing potential.

Improving your body’s function

- Sports injury pain

- General skeletal pain

- Pregnancy pain

- Neck and back pain

- Sports injuries

- Stresses and tensions from the head

Our osteopathy procedures in Middlesex can help alleviate:

Suffering from

a sports injury?